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State of the Art Industrial Optimization Solutions

On Time Systems, Inc. (OTS) brings state of the art search-based optimization technology to industrial problems. In recent years, search-based techniques have surpassed the effectiveness of the long-dominant operations research techniques for solving a large variety of optimization problems, and OTS is at the leading edge. This lets us:
  • tackle problems orders of magnitude larger,
  • solve problems orders of magnitude more quickly, and
  • find dramatically better solutions

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Unprecedented Optimization Technology

The foundation of all OTS solutions is our next generation optimization technology. OTS' team of world class scientists, mathematicians and technologists has developed an extraordinary collection of proprietary algorithms, methods and trade secrets. Combining conventional techniques, innovation and science results in unsurpassed optimization technologies. These are at the core of all OTS products.

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Real-World Impact

OTS' innovation and expertise have led to a variety of real-world successes, ranging from routing all of the US Air Mobility Command's cargo aircraft to finding ways to save drivers time and gas with Connected Signals.

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