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The ARGOS Optimization Suite

The ARGOS Optimization Suite is a set of applications built upon OTS proprietary optimization technology that provide dramatically improved schedules for major construction projects, including shipbuilding and fleet maintenance.

Unlike other scheduling systems, which use time as a surrogate for cost, ARGOS directly targets cost as its optimization metric.

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Squeaky Wheel Optimization (SWO)

SWO is an OTS-patented optimization algorithm that has been used to acheive exceptional results for certain aircraft assembly, multi-aircraft routing, and fiber-optic cable manufacturing problems.

A generalized version of SWO has been used in generic project management scheduling to minimize makespan and overload. SWO has also been applied to the scheduling of television commercials.

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Distributed Optimization

OTS has explored a variety of ways to partition optimization problems to allow distributed methods to be applied to solving them more quickly.

One approach, used in the GLOBE fleet management system, addresses the need to choose an optimal set of solutions to subproblems, each of which is an optimization problem. OTS' approach distributes the underlying optimization problems across a 'grid' or 'cloud' of processors, and then solves the overall resource allocation problem as a single process.

To ensure maximal utilization of resources, approximations to subproblem solutions are used until the corresponding problem has been completed by the grid. This approach makes it possible to compute incrementally improving (or 'anytime') solutions, ensuring that an answer is available when one is required.

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OTS’ Solution Framework

scaffold Our industry expertise and advanced proprietary technologies combine to produce powerful applications. OTS software systems and professional services can deliver amazing results to your organization.

An overview of OTS' technologies and applications, and how they fit together is given here.

Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory (CIRL)

OTS was spun out of the University of Oregon's Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory. Founded by OTS' Matthew Ginsberg and David Etherington, CIRL was for many years a world leader in research in artificial intelligence, search, optimization and constraint satisfaction. More recently, Ginsberg and Etherington have devoted their full attention to OTS, and CIRL has become inactive.

CIRL's research areas included:
• Artificial intelligence
• Search optimization
• Constraint satisfaction
• Knowledge representation
• Tractable reasoning