GLOBE Fleet Management System

The GLOBE (Global Logistics Optimization to Boost Effectiveness) system was developed in collaboration with BBN Technologies and C5T for the the U.S. Air Force's Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Mobility Command. Based partly on On Time Systems' Distributed Worldwide Aeronautical Route Planner (DWARP) and BBN's WIDE Timeline Tool, the GLOBE system manages schedule disruptions and new requirements across the entire mobility air fleet.

GLOBE combines cross-mission, multi-constraint optimization, advanced work-centered interface design, and new work in multiple solution optimization, to comprehensibly present users with a variety of operationally distinct alternative solutions. Users can easily focus in on key differences between candidate solutions and understand the repercussions of different strategic choices in responding to new requirements or disruptions. Empirical studies with USAF users using real data have shown that GLOBE results in:

  • Improved Situational Awareness
  • Faster Response Time
  • Decreased Cognitive Load
  • Better Solutions
than existing approaches.

The optimizer takes into account the limited availability of resources such as airspace clearances, aircraft parking space, and time, along with constraints on things such as crew-duty-day length and airport operating hours to develop a minimum-disruption/minimum-cost/maximum-value overall assignment of resources. GLOBE identifies operationally distinct solutions — solutions that differ meaningfully on operationally important dimensions—maintains a set candidate best distinct solutions during search. Effective presentation distinct solutions allow users to comprehend the effects of alternate courses of action and quickly choose the solution that best meets their goals.
Comparison of Multiple Distinct Options
Comparison of Multiple Distinct Options.