Real World Impact of OTS' Technologies

Aircraft Routing

Air Mobility Command (AMC)

On Time Systems' search expertise led directly to our development of an aircraft routing system called WARP, the Worldwide Aeronautical Route Planner. WARP applies standard A* (A-star) search, combined with advanced heuristics, OTS-patented payload maximization algorithms, and extensive domain knowledge to solve the complex problem of finding the most effective route for getting aircraft from one point to another while honoring all air traffic control and business rules.


WARP uses actual weather and performance data for various aircraft and results in significant reductions in fuel consumption while reducing user effort required to calculate optimal route paths, maximum payloads, and air refueling requirements.

OTS currently maintains both WARP and the legacy ACFP flight-planning system that utilizes WARP for the USAF's Air Mobility Command (AMC). AMC uses WARP to route virtually all of their non-combat flights, generating estimated fuel savings of 1–2% over their previous optimized-routing technology.

OTS has adapted ACFP to run quickly on various platforms, including laptops (instead of mainframes) and is currently working on modernizing the legacy ACFP system and user interface.

Connected Signals

Connected Signals, Inc.

Connected Signals (originally, Green Driver) is a high-tech startup, focused on providing traffic signal state and predictions to drivers, automakers, and others.

Connected Signals engineers have developed sophisticated techniques to predict upcoming signal states. Knowing the current state of traffic lights and how they will change creates opportunities to increase driving safety, increase fuel efficiency, and improve the driving experience.


Connected Signals partners with municipalities, handling the complexities of gathering real-time signal data and making it available in consistent formats for a variety of uses. Unlike other connected-vehicle technologies, the approach requires neither costly municipal infrastructure investments nor the addition of dedicated hardware to every vehicle. Connected Signals communicates securely with existing traffic-signal infrastructure, and handles translation of different manufacturers' signal data to a common format.

On Time Systems initially developed Connected Signals' advanced route optimization software, as well as designing the on-phone user interface and implementing cloud-based routing and data collection systems.